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Viper Grindstone Short Cuff Batting Glove - Black/Tan/Red

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If you're playing all year and putting in long hours in the cage, you need batting gloves that are up to the challenge. Viper's new Grindstone batting gloves are designed with durability and craftsmanship in mind. As the name suggests, the Grindstone batting gloves are tougher than the competition, AND only a fraction of the price! Our double reinforced stitching and premium leather combine to give you unmatched durability. An overlayed heel and thumb pad provide comfort against the handle and the knob of the bat, while flexible mesh in all the right places of the gloves keeps things flexible and cool as your swing heats up. The Grindstone short cuff neoprene wrist strap offers added support as well as ensures a tight, secure fit - swing after swing after swing


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Made from durable premium leather, these gloves are designed to withstand anything season after season without tears or damages.
  • EXCELLENT FIT – Grindstone Batting gloves maintain their shape and fit perfectly while flexibly folding the hand, providing a comfortable superb tight fit. Also comes in a variety of sizes so you’re assured you'll find the right fit for you.
  • BREATHABILITY AND COMFORT - Excellent fit that accommodates flex without adding bulk and ViperAir® Mesh in specific places offers breathability where you need it.
  • NON-SLIP - Superior grip for a more stable swing and decreased hand slippage during the swing. Giving you a grasp on the bat that's sure to deliver great results. The palm grips are tear-resistant and maintain their gripping capability over time.
  • AFFORDABLE – Who wants to spend $100+ on a pair of batting gloves? Our gloves are more durable than the competition and only a fraction of the price!